Online Store and Mobile App Full Features

mobingo ecommerce

CMS Builder

CMS Page Builder is an extension allowing you to edit CMS pages, product description and category description a effortlessly and visually at front-end. As a result, you can see what you’ve performed instantly whether it is a minimal adjustment right on user interface. No coding knowledge requires.

Product Description Builder

For every e-commerce websites, product description is one of the most important factors, contributes considerably to the purchasing decision of customers. An attractive product details has always been a difficult problem for Magento platform as the default product description doesn’t seem interesting and easy to customize.

Category Landing Builder

In almost E-commerce system, Category landing pages contribute significantly to the success of marketing and sales purpose. They also encourage greater brand loyalty, push your page up Google’s search rankings and educate people about your products.

Visual & Friendly

You can see directly what you want to build and change

Marketing, Promotions and Conversion Tools

  • Related products, up-sells and cross-sells
  • Catalog promotional pricing with the ability to restrict to stores, categories or products
  • Flexible coupons (pricing rules) with ability to restrict to stores, customer groups, time period, products, and categories
  • Generate a set of unique coupon codes for each promotion and export the list of codes for offline distribution, email, newsletters and more. Easily manage and monitor coupon usage and generate detailed reports
  • Multi-tier pricing for quantity discounts
  • Landing page for categories
  • Customer groups
  • Product bundles
  • Recently viewed and compared products
  • New items promotional tool
  • Persistent shopping cart
  • Free shipping options
  • Newsletter management

Site Management

  • Control multiple websites and stores from one Administration Panel with the ability to share as much or as little information as needed
  • Administration permission system roles and users
  • Fully 100% customizable design using templates
  • Support for multiple languages and currencies. Web Services API for easy integration between Magento and third-party applications
  • Batch import and export of catalog and customer information
  • Content Management System for informational and landing pages
  • Tax rates per location, product type or customer group (i.e. wholesale vs. retailer)
  • CAPTCHA functionality to help prevent automated software from attempting fake logins. This auto-generated test ensures that the login is being attempted by a person and can be enabled in both the admin and customer login areas

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • 100% search engine friendly
  • Google Site Map (Here’s the guide to Magento Site map that you can’t ignore).
  • Search engine friendly URL’s
  • URL rewrites give full control of URL’s
  • Meta-information for products, categories and content pages
  • Auto-generated site map for display on site
  • Auto-generated popular search terms page
  • Google Content API for shopping
mobingo ecommerce

Catalog Management

  •  Simple, configurable (e.g. size, color, etc.), bundled and grouped products
  •  Create different price points for different customer groups, such as wholesalers and retailers
  •  Virtual products
  •  Downloadable/digital products with samples
  •  Unlimited product attributes
  •  Automatic image resizing and watermarking
  •  Advanced pricing rules and support for special prices
  •  Customer personalized products – ability to upload images and text (i.e. for embroidery, monogramming, etc.)

Catalog Browsing

  •  Layered / faceted navigation for filtering of products in categories and search results
  • Filter products by price and display a range of prices based on even increments or by a similar number of products within each range
  •  Static block tool to create category landing pages
  •  Product comparisons with history
  •  Configurable search with auto-suggested terms
  • Recently viewed products
  •  Popular search terms cloud
  • Product listing in grid or list format
mobingo ecommerce
mobingo ecommerce

Product Browsing

  •  Multiple images per product
  •  Product image zoom-in capability
  •  Related products and upsell
  •  Stock availability
  •  Multi-tier pricing upsell
  •  Product option selection
  •  Grouped products view
  •  Add to wish list
  •  Send to a friend with email
  •  Share on Facebook

Checkout, Payment and Shipping

  •  One-page checkout
  •  Guest checkout and checkout with account to use address book
  •  Shipping to multiple addresses in one order
  • Option for account creation at beginning of checkout
  •  Shopping cart with tax and shipping estimates
  •  Integration with multiple PayPal gateways
  •  Integration with
  •  Accept checks/money orders
  •  Accept purchase orders
  •  Ability to specify allowed destination countries per method
  •  Flat rate shipping per order or item
  •  Free shipping
  •  On-site order tracking from customer accounts

Order Management

  •  View, edit, create and fulfill orders from the admin panel
  •  Create one or multiple invoices, shipments and credit memos per order to allow for split fulfillment
  •  Print invoices, packing slips and shipping labels
  •  Includes the ability to create new customers, or select existing customers and view their shopping cart, wish list, last ordered items, and compared products lists, as well as select addresses, give discounts and assign custom prices
  •  Assisted Shopping – customer service representatives and other admin users are able to manage products and coupons in customers’ shopping carts and wish lists through the administrator panel
  •  Create re-orders for customers from the administration panel
  •  Email notifications of orders

Customer Accounts

  • Account dashboard
  •  Address book with unlimited addresses
  •  Wish list with ability to add comments
  •  Order status and history
  •  Re-orders from account
  •  Recently ordered items
  •  Default billing and shipping addresses
  •  Email or send RSS feed of wish list
  •  Newsletter subscription management
  •  Product reviews submitted
  •  Product tags submitted
  •  Downloadable/digital products

Analytics and Reporting

  • Integrated with Google Analytics
  •  Admin dashboard for report overview
  •  Sales report
  •  Tax report
  •  Abandoned shopping cart report
  •  Search terms report
  •  Product reviews report
  •  Tags report
  •  Coupon usage report
  •  Total sales invoiced
  •  Total sales refunded