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Mobile App Features

mobingo ecommerce
mobingo ecommerce
mobingo ecommerce

All Product Type Support

Featured Product Carousel using a sliding carousel will have a collection of featured products.

A sliding banner of multiple banners are displayed to represent the information related to the store.


Multi-lingual and RTL Support

Provides easy support to the language written in RTL (Right-to-Left) format. That is, one can even see the app in Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, and other such languages.

mobingo ecommerce
mobingo ecommerce

Real-Time Sync

The real-time synchronization between web shop and mobile app for products, categories, customers, orders, etc

White Label App Solution

Re-brand a customized Apps and resell as your own to clients

Layered Navigation

makes it easy to find products based on category, price, range, or any other available attribute.

Interactive Theme

Design your theme, feel and style the overall look of your website.

mobingo ecommerce
mobingo ecommerce

Alert and Push Notification

Push Alert is a user engagement, retention and marketing automation platform which allows you to push real-time notifications to your website users on both mobile and desktop.


Multiple Payment Gateway

Supports a wide range of payment gate way. The payment gateways. The payment extensions provide a unified and seamless payment experience for your customers while keeping your inventory and order data organized through one central platform.

Multiple Shipping Support

Set up custom shipping rules, an doffer international shipping rules, and offer international shipping to multiple addresses, flat rating shipping supports FedEx, and DHL.

mobingo ecommerce